Thanks to our Partner Company ODISEA BALI we offer complete and professional Interior Design, Architectural Design, Building Services and Project Management for Residential, Commercial, Hotel and Retail Projects in Indonesia. We are also able to prepare Architectural Designs for large Building Projects like Hotels and Resorts, and large Infrastructure Projects like ports, airports, etc....

The Architectural Designs are prepared by local and international Architects, Engineers and Designers, always making sure that National and Local Regulations, as well as Traditional and Environmental elements, are considered and the use of Sustainable construction materials and Alternative Energy Systems.

We have our own "in house" building capacity thanks to our construction teams in ODISEA BALI . For large projects or when the Client requires it, we prepare and organize the Tendering Process and Documents for their project in order to select in a transparent way the Contractor that offers the best ratio cost-quality and offers the best conditions in terms of its reliability and professionalism. We are also in charge of the Supervision of the implementation of the project for our Clients, making sure that contractual conditions and technical specifications are followed conveniently at all times.

We have a large experience in the construction sector, for interior fit-out and for buildings, in Bali and Jakarta as well as other areas in Indonesia. We also count with numerous Partners in the sector. This experience and knowledge is fundamental for the Project Management of a construction project in Indonesia.


We offer a very diverse range of services to our Clients, personalized and tailored to your needs!

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We have a selected number of properties and business for sale or lease in Indonesia, please contact us for more details!

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Do you have a question, or proposal or investment idea? Please contact us any time, we also have offices in Bali and Nias Islands!

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